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Field Bunk Feeders

Field bunk feeder is our best seller for almost 20 years. It features a field bunk that is very versatile and is used for all types of feed, including hay, grain, commodities, and pellets.

Line Feeders

Line feeders are also one of our best sellers, since producers are switching to feeding systems that deliver in a continuous line. This line feeder bunk is great for any type of livestock.

Wide J Feeders

By being larger and deeper than most J-bunk made feeders, this type of feeder is the perfect fence link bunk. These are also suitable for a wide variety of stock.

Commodity Bunk Feeders

This is the bunk feeder for large farm and perfect for all bulky feed types and liquid feeds. It can also be ordered with one drain hole and can be used as a standard stock tank.

Stock and Water Tanks

Our single stock tank comes with a lid and earth holder. It’s equipped with our own stainless steel brass valve and is made with high-quality 6,000+ psi cement.

Water Valves

Our specially manufactured valves are machined at our own factory. These water valves are made with quality and are frost free.

Machining and Fabricating

We can customize steel plates and are capable of using a variety of steel in a variety of thicknesses. We also added a metal lathe recently to cut down on the manufacturing time of our brass valves.

Equipment Sales

The Concrete Works LLC is your trusted source for quality farm products in Wasola, MO. If you’re looking for concrete solutions for your farm, you won’t find a better option in price, quality or service.

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