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Field Bunk Feeders

As a best seller for almost 20 years, The Concrete Works LLC features a field bunk that is very versatile. It’s used for all types of feed, including hay, grain, commodities and pellets.

With the exception of very small livestock, this bunk feeds horses, sheep, llamas, emus, camels, mama cows, calves over 150 pounds and bulls.

We are now sold in almost every state in the continental US! Our field bunks are ideal for exotic animals, bisons and zoo animals. Our bunks are virtually indestructible with steel reinforcement and 6,000+ psi cement.

We warranty these items to last when used for agricultural utilities. We’re easy to work with. We have over 550,000 of our products being used today and are the only company offering warranties. We ship our proven products throughout the country. Get in touch with us today.

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Durable Bunk Feeders

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