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Single Stock Tank

The Concrete Works LLC features a single stock tank that comes with a lid and earth holder. It’s equipped with our own stainless steel brass valve and is made with high-quality 6,000+ psi cement.

It’s plumbed through the walls at the inlet and outlet with PVC pipes to provide extra warmth from circulating. The inlet is in the center back and not underneath, which is great in case the tank needs to be serviced.

There are two outlets, one on each side. This allows you to use the outlet, located downhill, and you can also tap off the one that you don’t need. You can connect your outlet to your next tank in a line. 

Installed as we instruct (instructions included), these tanks last a very long time. We have a tank on our farm that is 20 years old and is still operating perfectly. The valve system can be set up for a spring or for a manual frost-free system. Read more about our valves.

Physical Description of a Single Stock Tank

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A Wide Variety of Stock and Water Tank Options

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The Super Tanker

The super tanker is our best-selling water tank. It can handle over 70 heads of cattle with sufficient water pressure per side. When properly installed, this tank will service your livestock for years to come. We have an original tank on our farm and it’s over 20 years old without any servicing ever!

The super tanker comes with one lid, two earth holders and an all-brass and stainless steel valve. The inlet and outlet are plumbed through the walls that provide extra frost-free provisions, with heat from the friction of water moving through the cement.

With two inlets and two outlets for this tank, both are located on the sides at the bottom. You can use both and hook one tank up to another in a line or cap off the inlet and outlet that you don’t need.

Physical Description

Simple Water Tank

This tank is suitable for all livestock over 450 pounds, including cattle, equine and exotics. For conservation practices, it has two 2″ holes per USDA specifications.

These tanks are great in temperate climates and are perfect for spring developments, ponds, with shutoff valves or in colder climates as a continuous flow tank.

Our simple tank has a 250-gallon capacity, weighs just under one ton and is approximately 3′ x 8′ with a front lip of 27″ to 32″ depending on which footing you choose.

As with all of our concrete products, this comes with a 20-year warranty. The simple tank is recommended by USDA. As part of a conservation practice, NRCS engineers used schedule 40 PVC to hook up to a spring and installed three consecutive tanks with the third tank overflow to a creekbed.

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