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The Concrete Works LLC New Retaining Wall Blocks introduced to Lt Governor Mike Kehoe on Buy Missouri Tour

Oct 12, 2022

During the Fifth annual statewide Buy Missouri Week,  October 8, 2022, through Saturday, October 15, 2022, The Concrete Works was honored to host Lt Governor Kehoe, Mrs. Kehoe and State Senator Karla Eslinger. “Buy Missouri Week is a great time to showcase the many incredible products made in Missouri. When we shop local, we are supporting our friends, family, and neighbors who work at and own these businesses, ultimately supporting our local communities and our state’s economic success,” Lieutenant Governor Kehoe said. As designated by the Missouri legislature, Buy Missouri Week encourages citizens to purchase Missouri-made products in support of Missouri businesses and manufacturers. The Concrete Works has manufactured precast cement agricultural and structural products for over 30 years with customers throughout the Americas. The agricultural line of feed bunks and water tanks include over 600,000 units sold and in use. In addition, the Sweeney’s have used the products on their farm, allowing first-hand experience which helps them advise customers on livestock feeding and watering needs. The choice to manufacture the new structural product is a perfect complement to seasonal demands of current ag products, and particularly pertinent to the present demand for infrastructure and housing.

The Concrete Works LLC now added superior and long-lasting retaining wall blocks, as they have joined the global network of MagnumStone producers. Cleta Sweeney, Director of Operations, cited that after a lengthy period of research and inquiries, the decision was made to join the network due to their reputation and support. “With decades of industry experience, MagnumStone was developed by a contractor, for contractors, engineers, architects and manufacturers. MagnumStone sets projects up for success before they begin with free resources for any retaining wall design,” said Sweeney. “The precast blocks offer a blend of outstanding textures, versatility and proven performance, MagnumStone’s big block retaining wall system makes planning, designing and installing retaining walls easy and efficient for residential, commercial, and infrastructure development. We are excited to be offering a commercial product for the building industry.”

For more information about The Concrete Works and their products, please visit or call (417) 265-3504. For details regarding the Buy Missouri program, please visit


Sweeney & Senator Eslinger examine the new MagnumStone retaining wall product line

Steers receiving commodity rations in The Concrete Works Line Bunks

Example of MagnumStone blocks in a residential application.


Sean Sweeney, Cleta Sweeney, Senator Karla Eslinger, Mrs. Claudia Kehoe and Lt Governor Mike Kehoe

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